Deep-drawing, stamping, assembly: efficient production and more

STÜKEN is a recognized world market leader for reliable and high quality deep-drawn parts, stamped parts and module assemblies. We strive to understand the requirements of our customers and use well-established and optimized processes in all of our company workflows. Our comprehensive technological know-how forms the basis of quality - from the first design stage to the last assembly operation, from incoming goods to delivery.

We overcome complex challenges in close cooperation with our customers and implement innovative solutions by combining our diverse manufacturing competencies. We create components that generate long-term added value for customers through the application of efficient and highly precise technologies.  

Our highly efficient production technologies are at the heart of our business: deep drawing and stamping. These technologies are characterized by low material and energy consumption.This is how we can both conserve resources and minimize environmental pollution in an innovative fashion. Our customers benefit from the advantage of economical production of complex geometries at high production speeds.

With production complemented by various finishing processes and automated assembly operations, we offer high-quality ready-to-use products that give our customers a key competitive advantage. 


"The manifold requirements of our customers lead us to accept new challenges again and again. In this way, we have a wide portfolio of finishing processes at our disposal and we continuously expand our competencies." The Management

State-of-the-art production facilities

We produce your deep-drawn parts on more than 400 presses with up to 30 tool stations. We expand our machine capabilities according to project requirements, precisely tailored to your needs.

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