Customized test procedures guarantee quality

Electronic and automotive systems, industrial applications and building services, micromechanics and medical technology – these are all demanding and safety-relevant applications that require special test procedures. We guarantee reliable functionality and verified dimensional accuracy – one hundred percent.

For particularly high demands, we have high-performance systems, developed by us, which enable 100% testing. Over the past 25 years, we have delivered billions of components for safety-critical automotive applications with guaranteed zero-defect quality.


  • Eddy current testing

    The eddy current test is an electrical procedure for non-destructive testing of materials, whereby a special sensor reliably detects impurities or discontinuities in the material.

    Eddy current testing-1-1
  • Visual inspection

    Visual inspection is an essential process for surface inspection and monitoring of specific geometries that can be performed at STÜKEN using state-of-the-art sensor technology and optical measurement techniques.

    Visual inspection-2-1
  • Dimensional inspection

    If necessary, we monitor dimensions of particular importance using a dimensional 100% test. This is how we can, for example, guarantee important hole diameters or lengths on the component.

    Dimensional inspection-3-1

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