Deep-drawn parts for electronics and electrotechnology

If you want to achieve success in the fast-moving electronics and electrical engineering industry, you have to keep pace with the times, stand out with innovations and tackle challenges actively. STÜKEN’s solutions give you the benefit of extremely efficient production processes: The highest possible output quantities thanks to multi-track production and high stroke rates – we ensure optimal process design for your application. Precision and dimensional accuracy, the ideal conditions for automated processing, are guaranteed.

Repeatability in the millions or specially finished

Our product range for the field of electronics and electrical engineering is extremely diverse. For decades, STÜKEN has been a recognized partner for precision parts and assemblies with finished component dimensions of less than a millimeter. Quality standards are particularly stringent in this industry. That’s why, when it comes to quality targets we refer to “parts per billion (ppb)”. One way in which we meet demanding customer requirements is with our special finishing processes – delivering consistent quality, billions of times.

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