Electropolishing of our deep-drawn parts

What is electropolishing?
Electropolishing is an electrochemical process in which material is selectively removed from the surface and edges of a metallic workpiece.

What are the advantages of electropolishing?
The surfaces of the components are smoothed, cleaned and deburred. Depending on the material, corrosion resistance is improved. Electropolishing can also be used to process filigree or thin-walled components as well as components with surfaces that are difficult to access. Electropolished components are characterized by lower germ adhesion, which reduces the potential for contamination.

Where is electropolishing used?
The process has proven particularly useful for components in the field of medical technology, e.g. implants, in special applications in the automotive industry and in the jewelry industry.

What STÜKEN offers
We have our own electroplating facility at our Rinteln site and provide our customers with comprehensive advice on the possible advantages of electropolishing for the components that we deep-draw for them.

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