Cost-efficient deep-drawing solutions for the automotive industry

Rethinking established manufacturing processes and creating significantly optimized solutions - only experts who understand their trade and who can constantly adapt to new and complex requirements can do this. A few years ago, for example, a long-term cooperation started in the American market. As an expert for precision deep-drawn parts, STÜKEN was able to earn the trust of a recognized company from the automotive industry.


In the field of fuel systems and engine management, technology is constantly evolving and ecology and economy are decisive drivers. The task for the development team:

  • Design of a one-piece solution to replace a complex assembly of several components.
  • Conversion of a conventional turned part into a cost-efficient deep-drawn part.


Thanks to our long-term experience in the automotive sector and our technological competence, we were able to achieve a significant simplification of the original customer design. This concerned not only the optimization of the previous production concept, but also the reduction of the costs associated with production. Within a short time, a new component was ready for series production. This solution uses the advantages of the deep-drawing process and enables considerably simpler handling in the subsequent processes. The STÜKEN concept is based on a one-piece design, which eliminates the need for previously necessary welding and assembly processes and enables considerable savings to be made.


Technological vision, many years of industry experience and development competence - decisive factors which, supported by professional project management, were the basis for successful implementation. Only through the interaction of these aspects was it possible to meet the challenges and lay the foundation for a trusting business relationship between STÜKEN and the American company.


You benefit from our innovative strength - worldwide and locally. Our understanding of your application enables us to work with you to develop concepts for more effective solutions, for example by combining the functions of individual components in a deep-drawn part - exactly to your requirements.  

Jointly questioning existing systems and optimizing them sustainably - STÜKEN MEANS MORE Vision.

Combining a creative approach with our in-depth expertise in the automotive industry, we were able to develop a significantly more economical solution for our customer - a good basis for a trusting partnership.