Extensive finishing for ready-to-install components

STÜKEN manufactures ready-for-assembly components, which can be integrated directly into subsequent processes. Deep-drawn parts, as well as stamped and formed parts, are prepared using various processes and technologies and refined individually for your application.

  • SWEP15®

    Unique wear protection for stamped and deep-drawn stainless steel parts in high-performance applications.

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  • Cleaning

    We offer the highest level of cleanliness for the application-related optimization of your product.

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  • Special edge and surface qualities

    Your product's surface and edge condition requirements are consistently met through utilization of customized mechanical and/or chemical processes

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    Special edge and surface qualities-3-1
  • Surface coating (plating shop)

    Using special coatings, we vastly improve the surface protection and electrical conductivity of components.

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    Surface coating (plating shop)-4-1
  • Heat treatment and hardening process

    We adjust special mechanical component properties with a variety of heat treatment and hardening processes.

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    Heat treatment and hardening process-5-1
  • Cryo-treatment

    Special properties require special processes – using a cooling treatment, we increase the strength of components that are made of certain special alloys.

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  • Machining

    Machining processes are available to add to the possibilities of punching and deep drawing for special requirements.

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  • Electropolishing

    We achieve smooth, functional surfaces through electropolishing.

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  • Customized test procedures

    We guarantee reliable functionality and secure dimensional accuracy through individual testing procedures.

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    Customized test procedures-9-1
  • Welding processes

    By individually integrating assembly and/or welding processes, we extend the possibilities of our core competences.

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    Welding processes-10-1
  • Assembly processes

    Automated modular assembly offers solutions for complex and individual tasks in the applications of our customers. We develop the necessary processes in close cooperation with you.

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    Assembly processes-11-1

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