Billions of deep-drawn micro parts

STÜKEN's high standards of quality are reflected in the care we take in the production of the smallest deep-drawn parts. One of our bestsellers, for example, guarantees that billions of electronic components around the globe perform according to regulations - for the success and safety of our customers and end users.


We first produced this miniature deep-drawn part in the 1950s and it is still manufactured today in several variations: tiny and highly precise parts made of metal. The challenge:

  • Development of a deep-drawing process for components with dimensions of less than 1 millimeter.
  • Special coating with extremely reliable quality measured in parts per billion (ppb).


STÜKEN developed a special deep-drawing process for micro parts which still sets standards today. In addition, we have developed a special coating for our customers that guarantees high-speed assembly and reliable function. Billions of units of consistent quality are guaranteed to be delivered.


Precision, innovation and willingness to invest:

Following the principle of "small parts, big effect", we set to work in the 1950s. With competence and attention to detail, we created a long-lasting bestselling product with impressive figures: We deliver several billion parts per month in approximately 60 different variants - with proven process reliability.

Your Advantage

Our process reliability during the production of micro parts in enormous quantities facilitates a high processing speed for our customers. One-stop shopping: A significant advantage is our specially developed in-house electroplating facility.

Inconspicuous but indispensable - "Hidden Champions" from STÜKEN

Resistor caps from STÜKEN are tiny but never overlooked. Because of their small dimensions, they regularly attract attention at trade fairs and exhibitions. This is how they find their way into the trade press and even into television. Our customers have trusted us for decades.