Case study: conversion of a turned part into a deep-drawn part

In the worldwide market for building equipment, competition is ever present. Attention to detail and sustained quality of products and services is a prerequisite to long term success.


A leading manufacturer of supply systems in the building equipment industry approached us with the exciting task of converting conventionally manufactured turned part fasteners into deep-drawn parts. The requirements:

  1. Continued utilization of existing installation tools. Therefore the geometric configuration of the new product had to allow the utilization of common tool systems.
  2. Available in four different sizes, the product is to perform an identical function and accommodate differing assembly forces - without any special adjustments. 
  3. The material used must comply with the applicable regulations and standards, e.g. suitability for drinking water.


STÜKEN accepted the challenge. Extensive testing and simulation in our own prototyping department led to the development of a geometry that could not previously be produced as a deep-drawn part using conventional tooling concepts. Process control in production plays an important role in this. In addition, a special design of the material properties was decisive: the specification was developed and specified together with our material supplier for use in the demanding forming process.



This demanding customer benefitted from STÜKEN's specialized solution competence:

  1. Innovative tool design for very high degrees of forming, which were previously impossible with conventional processes.
  2. Development of the required material specifications - tailored to the special application - in cooperation with our competent material supplier.


Together we achieved significant cost savings as compared to turned parts, and this with very high volume requirements. Tool wear was minimized by an innovative design which enabled very tight manufacturing tolerances and high process repeatability.

Companies worldwide optimize their products and applications with deep drawing solutions from STÜKEN

With this jointly developed product, the customer brand has become synonymous with high-tech solutions and high volume flexibility.