Heat treatment and hardening processes for optimum components

We make use of different heat treatment and hardening processes to optimize the properties of our components for specific applications. From reducing manufacturing-related stresses in the component to ensuring ideal electromagnetic material properties, we address your specific requirements to ensure the success of your products.

From wear resistance to material adjustment for follow-up processes

Parts made of metal have a strength gradient, and this must always be taken into account in developing a component. In many situations, we make use of a subsequent heat treatment process to improve the properties after production. For example, parts made of brass can be stress-relieved, components made of ferritic steel can be improved with regard to their electromagnetic properties, and nickel-base compounds can be optimized. We have the necessary expertise and facilities for numerous processes, and in special cases rely on long-standing partners from our network.

To optimize components made of austenitic stainless steel, we turn to our patented SWEP15® process. This process improves the wear resistance of components and thus the life of your products. Induced residual compressive stresses allow us to adjust the strength of the component for the specific application at the same time.

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