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We strive to perfect every single step in our workflow, because this is the only way in which a true masterpiece results. At STÜKEN we call it attention to detail.

Push the envelope. Follow unfamiliar paths. Dare to try new things.

We take on every new challenge as a team. With great dedication, we develop viable ideas – ideally in close cooperation with you, right from the start. The sooner we are involved in the product design phase, the better our experts are able to contribute toward efficient collaboration with their extensive creativity and proven expertise.

We believe that when imagination, knowledge and skill come together, no task is too great to solve.

STÜKEN offers digital solutions in tool design and toolmaking

As part of the increasing digitalization, STÜKEN offers digital solutions in tool design and toolmaking. We support our customers with data generated using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). With geometry data, virtual testing in the customer's CAD assembly becomes possible. Forming data can provide information on which raw material is best suited for the component. Our FEA prototypes can shorten the design phase. Customers benefit from a higher development speed and improved information gathering for decision-making.

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