Optimizing products and capacities with STÜKEN

Many companies employ in-house manufacture of individual components used in their end products. Included in this category is a manufacturer who specializes in industrial lighting technology. With the complete outsourcing of the production of stamped and formed parts to STÜKEN Czech Republic, the company freed up in-house capacities and at the same time benefited from significant cost savings.


The customer wanted to develop a ceiling luminaire with a two-part body for industrial use in a wide variety of environments. The challenge for STÜKEN was to take over an existing component from the customer's own production and to achieve product and process optimization.

How can detachable and at the same time rust-free connecting elements between the upper and lower parts be produced much more efficiently?


After a joint discussion and comprehensive technical product analysis, stainless steel was determined to be the optimum material. Utilization of stainless steel also achieved the desired optical requirements for the component. The testing of all end products in which the new part was ultimately used led to successful protection certification for a wide range of applications. And because we are highly convinced of the improved quality of the product, the customer's LED luminaires are now also used extensively in the STÜKEN production plant in the Czech Republic.



Initial project related work began on the foundation of our customer's many years of experience in the field of lighting technology. This was complimented by our expertise in the design and manufacture of stamping tools and also our production of parts which must meet visual appearance standards. Our wide range of options for cleaning high-quality surfaces also played a decisive role. Just four months after the start of the project, we were already in series production and increased the customer's production volume threefold in a very short time.

Your Advantage

STÜKEN Czech Republic once again met all expectations and requirements by developing a precise, form-demanding stamped part with clearly defined mechanical properties and including a special surface finish. STÜKEN has been producing this component in large quantities and with guaranteed availability since 2010. Through continuing innovation, additional variants of the product have since been introduced into series production.

The advantages for our customers:

  • improved flexibility in production planning
  • continuous innovation of the product and the production process
  • conversion to a proven material with guaranteed corrosion resistance
  • advanced design with excellent mechanical properties


Flexibility, demand orientation and innovative solutions for your success 

Thanks to our innovative strength, experience and flexibility in implementation, our customer was able to replace the established manufacturing process with our innovative solutions and possibilities. The capacities freed up by this optimization are used to advance the company's main technologies. A success for both sides.