Thinking and acting with sustainability in mind

As the world's leading provider of solutions for high-precision metal parts, we provide solutions that set standards in terms of quality and possibilities. Our core competencies in deep drawing, stamping and forming are characterized by the optimal use of resources and minimum material consumption. But that's not enough for us: Rather, we have long been active in environmental protection - and continue to set an example with great responsibility. Our thoughts and actions take this into account in all our decisions.

To this end, we apply our environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and our energy management system according to ISO 50001. We aim to do more than just comply with legal obligations and current standards; environmental and energy management are deeply anchored throughout the entire company: 

All employees are conscious of this and are actively involved in continuous improvement processes. In addition, we inform all partners who are operating in our plants and our environment about our environmental policy and include it in our environmental management. Together with all customers and suppliers, we examine measures for environmentally compatible product design, disposal, packaging and transport.   

Raw materials, water and energy - we use natural resources sparingly. Products, processes and procedures - we continuously observe, analyze and evaluate them. Wherever possible, we will replace hazardous substances, reduce waste and waste water, and optimize recycling.

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