Parts cleaning ensures the highest level of cleanliness

STÜKEN has various cleaning technologies to meet the requirements of our customers. Surfaces are cleaned of oils and solid dirt particles using processes involving solvents or aqueous cleaners and are tailored to the specific component.

Highest level of cleanliness

To ensure the required degree of cleanliness of your products, we coordinate all processes – e.g. for subsequent operations such as hardening or laser welding. We will gladly advise you on the implementation of your specific requirement.

After cleaning, we maintain the condition that has been achieved through logistics and packaging according to your requirements. If required, we can offer you packaging in one of our cleanrooms for products with special specifications, such as in medical technology. When monitoring quality, we work according to the applicable standards – for example VDA 19, ISO 16232 and ISO 14644. Test results are stored in the CAQ system and can be called up at any time.

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