Assembly production at STÜKEN: highly automated and efficient

Assemblies offer solutions for complex and individual tasks in our customers´ applications. We develop the necessary processes in cooperation with you.

At STÜKEN, manufacturing possibilities for assemblies include laser and resistance welding, component assembly, overmolding, functional tests, individual packaging in trays, and if required, 100% inspection. 

Ready-to-use products from the experts 

STÜKEN has been a driver of technology and innovation for more than 90 years. We offer assemblies to optimize customer value chains. Beginning in 1931, Hubert Stüken set up his own business, using automatic machines for assembling buttons and wheels for toy cars, thus laying the foundation for our success. Together with your specialists, we develop solutions for the seamless integration of assemblies into your production. 

Comprehensive possibilities 

At STÜKEN, we combine various activities into complex assembly modules, including:   

  • Joining (e.g. welding)
  • Handling (e.g. gripping)
  • Calibrating (e.g. adjusting
  • Inspecting (e.g. measuring)
  • Special operations (e.g. cleaning)
  • Key advantages

    More than 90 years of experience 

    We will find the ideal solution for your individual requirements. 

    Reliable precision 

    Our components and assemblies are of the highest quality and reliability.

    Joint development 

    Through close cooperation with you, we develop ready-to-install solutions for your production. 

    Overview of all processes

    Together, we increase the efficiency and profitability of your process/product development and production with a multitude of possibilities and solutions from a single source. 

Samples from our product portfolio

  • Socket H15 daytime running light

    An assembly consisting of 5 components:

    • Production of demanding deep-drawn parts
    • Production of high-precision stamped and formed parts
    • Inserting a radial spring and an axial spring
    • Assembly of deep-drawn parts
    • Joining of metal and plastic parts
    • 100% inspection of the assembly process and component geometries
    • Individual packaging in trays
    Socket H15 daytime running light-1-1
  • Damper in hydraulic system

    An assembly consisting of 2 components:

    • Production of surface-sensitive deep-drawn parts 
    • Spring steel hardening of the deep-drawn components
    • High-precision assembly 
    • Laser welding of deep-drawn parts 
    • 100% inspection of the weld seam
    Damper in hydraulic system-2-1
  • Housing D5 Xenon car lamp

    An assembly consisting of 4 components:

    • Production of rectangular deep-drawn parts 
    • Manufacture of high-precision stamped parts 
    • Joining and fixturing of the deep-drawn and stamped parts 
    • 100% inspection of the assembly process 
    • Applying a thermal label
    • Individual packaging in trays
    Housing D5 Xenon car lamp-3-1

Quality Testing  

Comprehensive quality assurance according to certified standards is our top priority. To ensure your process reliability for modules, we employ the following test and inspection processes: 

  • Dimensional inspection 
  • Eddy current testing 
  • Surface testing 
  • Camera inspection 
  • Functional testing 
  • Cleanliness testing


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