Deep-drawn parts and assemblies for electric mobility

What is the drive of the future? Hybrid, electric, with fuel cells based on hydrogen? STÜKEN products already fulfill many functions in electric vehicles (EV). The demand for deep-drawn parts in e-mobility is growing rapidly, for example for components made of copper alloys with functional surface coatings. Key factors in electric drives are shielding to improve functional safety and increase efficiency. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) must be incorporated into product development and design at an early stage. Metallic busbars in various sizes and shapes are essential for distributing power from the battery to motors, axles and other devices. Conductive alloys such as aluminum, bronze and copper are used.

We realize your deep-drawn parts for shielding, high-voltage connections, connectors, housings for sensors, and much more. There are almost no limits to the geometry of the components: round parts, angular or oval parts, combinations of these, or even free-form contours are possible.  
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