Developing efficient and environmentally friendly products with STÜKEN

A long-time customer had targeted additional refrigerator storage space by downsizing compressor size for the next generation of refrigerators. The development of a new series of compressors was also intended to reduce production costs and energy consumption. Through close customer cooperation, several key components were re-designed and successfully implemented into production.


The challenging goal: the development of an innovative compressor with significantly optimized individual components. The new product had to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Suitability for high volume production
  2. Process and cost efficient production of all components
  3. Optimized energy consumption
  4. Guaranteed continuous and low-noise operation for 15 years
  5. Reduction of installation space by 50%. 
  6. Various components as deep-drawn parts from a single source with cost-effective logistics and order processing

After the first project meeting, it became clear that this program would require special new concepts and solutions. A challenge that STÜKEN was able to meet thanks to our comprehensive innovative power and the ability to partner with our customers.


STÜKEN experts from Technical Sales, Application Technology, Tool Design, Quality Management, Tool Shop and Purchasing departments all participated in a comprehensive program analysis. The result: replacement of six existing components by cost-effective, smaller redesigned versions. In support of overall project parameters, important framework conditions and milestones were established. Through continuous customer interface, exacting specifications for each individual component were jointly developed. This is how the tools, test equipment and documentation required for production were created - the basis for high-precision components.



STÜKEN was the ideal partner for this project:

  1. We are highly innovative and have project planning specifically designed for the management of complex projects.
  2. STÜKEN has a wealth of in-house capabilities, including our own tool shop, for use in the production of high volume components with world class quality.
  3. Our extensive equipment capacity permits program flexibility and allows for the simultaneous development and production of new multi-part programs.   


This project has once again demonstrated our ability to prove that STÜKEN is the ideal partner for projects requiring a high level of conceptual development services. Complex tasks become a success with us due to confident and experienced implementation of our cutting-edge technological know-how. The customer goal was achieved: costs, dimensional requirements and energy consumption were reduced as we maintained close customer contact and introduced these innovative solutions from STÜKEN.

Innovative deep-drawing projects with STÜKEN developed and realized to the point

All objectives have been achieved and the jointly developed and produced components are used in numerous household appliance aggregates worldwide. The energy, material and cost savings achieved benefit our customer's success and strengthen our market position long term.