SWEP: low wear and high fatigue strength for stainless steel parts

SWEP15® stands for STÜKEN Wear Protection and refers to an innovative process for surface hardening of austenitic stainless steel. With SWEP15®, components receive an extremely hard, low-wearing surface. Depending on the specific needs, we achieve surface hardness of more than 1,400 HV with this process.
In addition, we support you right from the start in the successful realization and long-term establishment of your products.

Advantages at a glance

It’s not only in the automotive industry that the advantages of SWEP15® prove to be crucial – there are possibilities for application wherever the lowest degree of wear and high fatigue strength are required.

  • Overall increase in component quality

    A service life 10 times extended and minimal wear? Wherever high fatigue strength and constant precision are required, that is where we can make full use of the advantages of SWEP15®:

    • High degree of component and fatigue strength
    • High degree of dimensional and inherent stability
    • Uniform circumferentially closed layer
    • Optimal wear resistance


  • Cost-efficient surface treatment

    With SWEP15®, we alone can offer you high-precision stamping and deep-drawn parts with a unique degree of wear resistance – all from one source. This gives you the assurance of quality, because we have complete control over the entire production process. In addition, we are in a position to design efficient processes – and what’s more, you benefit from the organizational and logistical advantages. The bottom line is that we save you time and money. Another advantage is that internally coordinated processes in conjunction with our technological leadership in technical cleanliness guarantee optimal results here, too.

    • Lower wall thicknesses, lower weight
    • Lower material usage
    • Cost-effective processing as bulk material


  • Diverse application possibilities

    Is your component smaller than 3 mm, bigger than 10 mm, or a multiple of either? We offer SWEP15® for short and long parts, with and without bottom. Even complex components with very small holes or components with extreme length-to-diameter ratios are conceivable:

    Sample applications

    • Abrasion and wear-resistant functional parts
    • Housing for solenoid valves, for example in ABS systems in the automotive industry
    • Sleeves and bearing seats for a wide variety of valves, gears and systems


Wear protection with SWEP15®: good for the environment, energy consumption and safety

The demands placed on system-bearing components are enormous: complex contours combined with a trend towards miniaturization; low weight with increasing power; low energy consumption, sustainable environmental protection and an extended service life for systems. These are all issues that developers need to address these days. Together with you, we develop solutions for the future.

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