Our focus is on providing excellent quality to ensure our customers are satisfied

The entire value chain at STÜKEN is determined by individual responsibility and the demand of everyone to create the highest precision for every component and every batch. Thanks to our specialists, modern automation and reliable process control, we ensure this at all times - from prototypes to initial samples to series production.


In addition, STÜKEN uses sophisticated measuring equipment, measuring microscopes and analysis techniques in production. For particularly stringent requirements, for example, we rely on test methods based on the latest eddy current technology and high-performance camera systems. Our quality management guarantees precision in the micrometer range, and ensures the highest repeatable dimensional accuracy. In this way, we meet and fulfill numerous internationally recognized standards - find out more.

  • The STÜKEN Quality Policy
    • STÜKEN's quality policy is the result of our endeavor to meet the various requirements of our customers in the best possible way while maintaining the highest possible level of efficiency.
    • The quality policy is summarized in 10 guiding principles and reflects the company's own and specific interests. Quality is therefore a strategic success factor. The customer himself and above all customer satisfaction are the focus of our thoughts and actions. The quality policy addresses the responsibility of each employee. Continuous improvements are the basis of our quality awareness.
    • The STÜKEN management is responsible for product quality and quality management. The quality management department reports directly to the management board.
    • The quality policy is part of the company policy and is communicated to the employees together with the quality objectives by the managers. The quality policy and the quality objectives are derived from the strategic business plan. Concrete quality targets are defined annually for the various areas of responsibility, derived from the strategic corporate goals.
    • We work on continuous improvement of product and process quality. This applies to products and all business processes that influence them. In our quest for continuous improvement, we compare ourselves with others, especially with the best companies and their products (benchmarking). Our goal is to achieve a leading position.
    • Quality is not created by testing, it must be achieved during the production of the products. To this end, we have anchored the responsibility for quality in the executing departments through self-assessment.
    • Errors are not acceptable, our goal is zero errors. We focus above all on error avoidance. Through the development and implementation of improvement measures, we strive to come closer to this goal. Nevertheless, if errors occur, they must be identified at the earliest possible point in time and remedied by effective corrective measures. We use the PDCA methodology to ensure the effectiveness of our actions.
    • Each employee is responsible for the quality of his or her own work. Managers are responsible for achieving this goal through an appropriate working environment. This includes intensive training and education of the employees as well as comprehensive information according to the requirements of the respective workplace.
    • The achievement of our quality targets is carried out under consideration of sustainable environmental protection and in compliance with occupational safety regulations.

    The Management

  • Our Quality Principles
    • We understand quality as a strategic success factor.
    • We always act with the goal of achieving customer satisfaction.
    • At every workplace, we contribute to meeting customer requirements on our own responsibility.
    • We compare ourselves with the best and strive for a leading position.
    • We promote quality awareness and see this as a management task.
    • We promote the skills of our employees.
    • We do not accept errors and we focus on error avoidance.
    • We understand continuous improvements as the basis of our quality awareness.
    • We have a comprehensive quality management system at our disposal.
    • We commit our suppliers to our quality requirements.

    The Management

  • Our Quality Management System

    Our quality management system meets a large number of internationally recognized standards. It is subject to continuous improvement. Find out more.

    We use a computer-aided quality management system and use modules for:

    • inspection planning
    • incoming goods inspection
    • production monitoring and process control
    • outgoing goods inspection
    • monitoring of measuring equipment
    • FMEA
    • action management
    • complaint processing (internally/externally)
    • data storage and backup

    Daily archiving of all quality data. Access to data history is possible at all times.

    Quality assurance through operator self-check at approx. 120 measuring stations equipped with digital measuring equipment in the production area. Data is transferred directly to the network.

    Our measurement equipment includes among others:

    • three-coordinate measuring machines
    • optical measuring machines
    • form tester
    • contour measuring systems
    • roughness testers
    • hardness tester
    • scanning electron microscope
    • measuring microscopes
    • X-ray fluorescence layer thickness measurement
    • Corrosion protection tests (salt spray test, wet cabinet)
    • eddy current crack testing
    • particle counters
    • various product-related measurement solutions

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