The future is miniaturized, efficient, and intelligent

Deep-drawn parts for cars – STÜKEN takes the lead The future is miniaturized, efficient, and intelligent

Rinteln, 3rd May 2016 – STÜKEN is the global market leader when it comes to manufacturing stamped and deep-drawn parts for the automotive industry. Every car with a conventional drive system statistically contains 40 STÜKEN parts. However, STÜKEN parts are increasingly being used in vehicles with electric or hybrid drive systems. What's more, STÜKEN enables high-performance sensor technology.

STÜKEN already supplies about 25 different products specifically for electric drive systems. Plus components for airbags, brake systems, automotive lamps or power sockets. And to ensure clean air, STÜKEN makes a vital contribution with over 60 parts for exhaust sensors.

The range of vendor parts for sensors comprises more than 100 parts – and sensors mean the future of the automotive industry, which will be marked by autonomous driving functions and the connected car. Other novel developments include the “Internet of Things” for consumers and the “intelligent factory” for industry. Smartwatches and data glasses are just the beginning of wearable computing – a market with the highest growth forecasts. Medical, safety, and vehicle technologies are further growth drivers. Sensor technology plays a key role in all these industries – which means that the suppliers' experience and technical capabilities will also play a key role.

Sensor components have always been an integral part of the STÜKEN range. Typical products include, for example, components for conventional temperature sensors in heating units, for pyroelectric sensors for measuring radiant heat in microwaves and for photoelectric sensors for data transmission using fiber optic technology. Today the range also features components for the growth markets of the future.

BSTÜKEN has considerable expertise in the field of sophisticated micro parts. A current example is a very long and thin sleeve, which requires extreme metal forming:

  • Length: 40 mm
  • Outer diameter: 0.95 mm
  • Inner diameter: 0.75 mm
  • Material: 1.4303

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