New electroplating plant at Rinteln-South site

STÜKEN invests 28 million euros in innovative technologies of the future

Rinteln, February 29th, 2024 – STÜKEN will build a new electroplating plant at its production site in the Rinteln-South industrial estate. The world market leader in deep drawing will invest around 28 million euros in the project. The project was launched today at a kick-off event with Rinteln's mayor Andrea Lange and participants from specialist companies and the trade supervisory authority.

As a global leader in deep drawing technology, STÜKEN stands for outstanding technological customer solutions. For some years now, the globally positioned family business has been on a comprehensive transformation course. "The focus is on transforming the main plant in Rinteln into a state-of-the-art, digitalized and automated production and intralogistics facility," explains Dr. Uwe Krismann, CEO. "We are also focusing on expanding our research and development expertise. Our aim is to secure the future of the company, our competitiveness and our innovative strength in times of rapidly changing markets and products." 

Increasing electrification and the potential use of hydrogen are playing an ever greater role in the STÜKEN Group's key sectors, such as the automotive industry, building technology and utility engineering, as well as in energy technology. Demand for sophisticated deep-drawn parts is also increasing in the medical technology industry. "This brings with it new technical challenges for which STÜKEN will offer solutions," explains Dr. Krismann. “The focus of innovation is on materials that are difficult to form, such as titanium and high-strength steels, as well as copper and aluminum alloys in combination with surface coatings and treatments using galvanic and chemical processes.”

In order to be able to offer its customers innovative solutions in the future, STÜKEN has decided to invest heavily in its headquarters in Rinteln. In addition to the ultra-modern lead plant with research and development expertise, a new electroplating plant will be built. STÜKEN is thus expanding its technical capabilities to include surface coatings, particularly for electrical applications (e.g. connectors and contacts) and for wear protection solutions (e.g. actuators and plain bearings). Medical technology components made of titanium (e.g. implant housings) can be chemically treated and, if required, anodized. The investment volume amounts to around 28 million euros. The STÜKEN production plant in the Rinteln-South industrial estate is planned as the location for the new electroplating plant.

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