SWEP15® protects deep-drawn parts against wear

STÜKEN offers new process for the surface hardening of stainless steel components

Rinteln, 21st March 2016 – STÜKEN, the global leader in manufacturing stamped and deep-drawn parts, now offers the SWEP15® process for the case hardening of stainless steel. With SWEP15®, surface hardness levels of more than 1,400 HV 0.1 can be achieved, the service life of components can be extended tenfold – and cost-efficient hardening as bulk material is possible.

Technical Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Uwe Krismann presents SWEP15® as the result of in-depth research and development work. "The result is a product that meets all conceivable requirements. Despite the hard surface, components maintain their strength and non-magnetic properties, the layer thickness is variable between 5 and 30 μm, and the sliding capacity is high." Furthermore, in thorough field tests, the diffusion layer has proved to be exceedingly resistant to chipping. For cost-conscious customers – and there are many of them – the fact that SWEP15® allows for hardening deep-drawn parts as bulk material is also highly interesting.

Dr.-Ing. Hubert Schmidt, Commercial Managing Director of STÜKEN, focuses on a further advantage: "Since we can offer everything from a single source, we have complete control over quality. This means security for our customers, and also creates organizational and logistic advantages which are soon reflected in financial terms."

SWEP15® was tried out in customer comparison tests, and is already used in numerous applications. For example, the process prevents seal seat wear in ABS valves.

As a result of improved fatigue strength under alternating stress, SWEP15® enables the lightweight design of components with up to 80% less wall thickness. This is accompanied by enormous savings potentials in material and weight.

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